Our Story

Why We Do
What We Do?

Lofory started from the desire to make the world a better home, and our homes more comfortable through ethically crafted pieces of furniture, organizers, and lifestyle accessories that look and feel good.

Who We Are?

Lofory is a team of creators and artists dedicated to sustainable innovation. We believe that everything starts at home, including the love for the world around us.
Our mission is to inspire you to start living a sustainable lifestyle by transforming your home into your little universe.

Homes That Tell a Story

We believe in the power of living in a beautiful, smartly organized, and eco-friendly home.
Our homes are our ecosystem. They are a reflection of our personality, they hold our most beautiful memories, provide a safe place when we are tired and we want to rest. But they can also help us connect with nature in the most beautiful way. That’s why, our homes deserve the best.

Made With Love

Every Lofory product has a purpose: to bring joy to the place your call home.
We make it easier for you to create a safer home and a better tomorrow. We believe that organizing your house in a smart way adds a new level of sophistication to your space. Quality is at the heart of everything that we do. Our unique pieces are carefully crafted from consciously sourced, durable materials and combine intelligent designs with excellent craftmanship to enhance your lifestyle.
Our team is like a family, and we collaborate only with people that share our values. We are constantly evolving and pushing ourselves to find new ways to promote what’s best for a sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainable Solutions
for You and the Planet

78% Of consumers worldwide are more likely to purchase environmentally
friendly products, according to the latest research.

We value the resources that nature gave us, and we are committed to
improve our products and make a positive impact on our customers’ lives, and the planet.